The Mom Work Out

Long gone are the days of spending hours at the gym. The days when my workouts consisted of warming up on the treadmill before an hour long spinning class followed by a leisurely 20 minute stretch session while chatting with some friends. Introducing..... 

The Mom Work Out
  • Tone your arms by holding your baby straight out in front of you and bounce him up and down to help his tummy feel better. You want to stop after only 30 seconds because your arms are on fire? Too bad. If you do the baby starts to yell louder than a Biggest Loser coach. Feel the burn.
  • Carry giant loads of laundry up and down the stairs several days a week. 
  • Pack your baby in and out of every little errand you have to run in their car seat carrier thing. I call mine the Beckett Bucket. 
  • For a good cardio workout get out the jogging stroller. If you aren't coordinated enough to run without the use of your arms at first, practice briskly walking uphill.  
  • Stretching doesn't necessarily get done before or after your jog/walk. Stretch whenever your baby is in the mood for tummy time. Then you are both on the floor and it's easier to entertain him while still getting something done. 
  • Put your baby in their bouncer on the kitchen counter. While dinner is cooking you can do some lunges while incorporating an exciting game of peek-a-boo. Now that's multitasking!