Ready- 35 Weeks

It's 11:00 and I'm still in bed. I've always been such a morning person, but sometimes I get a nice dose of insomnia between 2 am and 5 am for some reason. Last night I made the bad decision of doing some "light reading" to get myself back to sleep.... reading birth stories. I stuck to the ones that involved epidurals this time and rather than feeling the need to hyperventilate, I got really excited and anxious. I know it's a little too early, but sometimes I'm just ready and I wish it was time to go to the hospital! I get contractions every evening and I'm starting to wish I was far along enough that they could be the real thing. I either need to have this baby or go back to work because I'm starting to feel very unproductive and crazy. On the occasional days I do go into work, I love it because I don't feel pregnant at all. I don't notice the aches and pains because I'm focused on getting things ready to go on maternity leave which is a big task! When I'm at home I notice every little rib jab, nauseous moment, and the many many contractions that do nothing except make me go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. I've deep cleaned everything I could think of, organized every last onsie, and basically have nothing left to do for the whole "nesting" phase. Actually, I have yet to find the motivation to clean all my dusty blinds, perhaps I'll save that project so I have something to do at the end. I've definitely enjoyed all the time I've had this summer, but I'm very ready to go back to work in a few weeks.

I think my relationship with Pillsbury is starting to catch up to me. Up until a few days ago I hadn't felt like my body changed too much except for in the whole belly area. Suddenly everything else is starting to feel a bit bigger too. Yay for a bigger bum! Boo for fat face. I think I'm leaving the "you're so cute" stage and entering "holy cow, is it time for that baby to come out yet or what?!" stage.


Dean and Rachel said...

The end is SO HARD! I wasn't working at the end of my first pregnancy and it made time go so slow, and you're right you can focus on all of the bad things of pregnancy.
Hang in there....can't wait to see pics of this babe. it's going to be AMAZING!!!