29 Days to Go!- 35 Weeks

I'm getting so big people. SO BIG. I don't know why this picture is so blurry or why it looks like I'm wearing a psychedelic shirt. I am aware of the fact that I own a fairly nice camera, but I just can't decide if I really care to have decent prego pictures or not. I feel awfully silly going out and having a pregnant photo shoot, but I wonder if I'll regret not doing it? Maybe if I was on the beach pretending to be a whale I wouldn't feel so out of place. Until I decide, please continue to enjoy the grainy phone pictures.

Last night Mark and I went out on a little date doing some shopping and going to dinner. As we were walking around I starting to get some serious pain in my thighs and sore around my pelvis. It's not the most comfortable thing in the world, but I'm excited because it means I'm getting close to the end! I'm not sure if it means he is going to drop soon or not. This morning we walked all over at the farmer's market and I didn't feel sore at all. I would be ok if he held off on dropping for a while. I would like to avoid the waddle walk and maintain some control over my bladder for as long as possible.


Anna said...

Seriously. You have looked so beautiful this whole pregnancy.

And I am awkwardly excited to meet the new bean! And by meet I mean read blog posts and stalk you from afar. Because that's not creepy...lol