My Summer is Almost Here- 29 Weeks

Check out the bump yo! I have had a few people tell me I'm carrying high, but I don't really think I am. I have no waste. It's just kind of hip bones and then ribs (thanks Baldwin genes). People with long torsos can carry high or low, I don't really have an option. I'm just...... carrying. And if you ask my bladder, the baby is definitely not high up there. I pretty much feel like I have to pee at any given time of the day.

You can see the room is coming together. It's still missing a few things, but once I get there I will definitely take some pictures. We've put way more thought and time into this room than any other one in the house. Lucky kid. And it won't even make any difference to him!

Yesterday I made the best maternity purchase of all maternity purchases. A body pillow. Best night of sleep I've had in weeks. I've been sleeping with a pillow between my knees for a while now, but a body pillow is way better. Mark refers to the pillow as Pierre and is definitely not fond of our close relationship.

Along with the body pillow, another purchase I wish I would have made earlier (tips for future pregos) is more maternity clothes. At the beginning I just bought larger normal people clothes because I was in denial. Now they have been worn once or twice and just hang in my closet because they aren't meant to fit oddly proportioned bodies. And I'm praying they won't fit after I have the baby either. But what a waste. It turns out maternity shirts can be cute and very comfortable! Thanks to the invention of the belly band, I haven't purchased any maternity pants yet. I don't know that I'm going to because with things so low cut these days, it hasn't become uncomfortable until recently. Now I'm just about finished working and then I don't see any reason to get dressed at all! Not like that. I mean in anything but yoga pants and comfys. When I am going out I have a great selection of maxi skirts and stretchy dresses to choose from. No need to get boob high stretchy waste jeans. Gross.

Speaking of yoga pants, one of my summer plans is to start taking yoga classes 4 days a week. I always love yoga, but I hear pregnant people love it even more. It helps with the aches and uncomfortableness towards the end, and some people swear it helped them during their labor. I would eat a bucket of dirt every day if you told me it would help with labor.

My other summer plans include lots of photography, lots of laying in the sun (I will be tan on one side and not on the other since I can't lay on my stomach), birth classes, baby showers, and many projects around the house. Not a lot of camping or vacations like everyone else. I'm a little bummed, but it's ok I can learn to love things that don't require being super active. Maybe I'll take up knitting.


Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

You look adorable! My pregnancy pillow was a game changer for me. SO good! I'm also teaching summer school this year and not a camp so I need to try to be a little more professional but I'll be glad to get home and throw my yoga pants on!