Let's Gain Some Weight- 30 Weeks

I haven't put much thought into my weight since I've been pregnant.... a lot less thought than I used to at least. I'm just trying to listen to my body. "What's that you say? More ice cream? Ok." I decided not to weigh myself at home, but just be pleasantly (or not so pleasantly) surprised at my monthly dr. appointments. For the most part I think I've continued to eat fairly healthy. I give in to a few foods that I used to avoid, but that's mainly because I'm so starving all the time and the things I used to eat don't fill me up anymore. Give me some freakin' carbs please. I feel like I'm right on track for gaining weight though, and watching those numbers on the scale rise hasn't really bothered me like I thought it might. Before I was pregnant I weighed between 140 and 145 depending on the week. I liked the 140 weeks the best. When morning sickness of doom struck and all I wanted to do was die, I dropped to 130. A lot of it was probably water weight, but my pants had constant saggy butt and clothes were not fitting right. I don't think I would mind weighing 130 all the time, but under different circumstances. I had my 30 week appointment this week and the magic number on the scale was 160. I've never read those numbers on a scale before, but hey it could be worse. My doctor said to go off of my regular weight, not my sickly weight to determine how much I've been gaining. That means I've gained between 15 and 20 pounds. They say by the end you should put on 25-35 pounds. I have 10 weeks to go and will probably gain a pound a week which means I am right on track! I also read that if you stay in the range it should only take a couple of months to go back to your regular weight. Even with my nightly snow cone problem, I have hopes of achieving that goal.

Speaking of snow cones..... I may need to start cutting back, if not for my health at least for my budget.

2 snow cones (Mark needs one too of course!) with double ice cream and cream on top= $7.00
Riding our bikes to get to the snow shack= Free, but I'm quite a site riding a bike. And all that hunching over does a number on my bladder.
4 snow cone trips per week= $28.00
16 snow cone trips per month= $112.00
$112 that could be put away into the diaper or maternity leave fund. But neither of those taste very good.