Little Avocado- 16 Weeks

Favorite Things About Being Pregnant So Far:

  • I've been trained my whole life to "suck it in", obsessively make sure the number on the scale is not going up, and stress if the jeans I bought in high school are fitting a little too tight. Now I find myself "pushing it out" to prove to people I'm starting to show, I'm not excited when my weight goes up but I know it's a good thing, and the tighter my clothes get the happier I become because I'm actually seeing some results from all this hard work. 
  • Listening to the funny things Mark says when he's talking to the baby.
  • Seeing the ultrasounds and hearing the heart beat.
  • Hearing other people's stories from being pregnant and coming to the conclusion that I'm not so crazy after all. 
Things To Look Forward To:
  • March 25. This baby better be ready to put on a show so we finally know if we're having a boy or girl. I am prepared to give my first motherly lecture if the little one is unwilling to cooperate. 
  • Feeling the first little kicks. The thought of this really freaked me out at first, but I've had enough time come to terms with the fact that there is a little person inside of me that us currently the size of an avocado. 
  • Buying clothes and setting up the room. I can't really begin any of this until I know if it's a boy or girl! 
  • Choosing a name already. Mark is unwilling to participate in this activity until after March 25th. I am determined not to be one of those people that waits until they see the baby to name them. The more I can have planned before then the better, there will be enough to do!


Sam M said...

March 25th is coming up soon! There's nothing wrong with thinking of your favorite names for either gender, just tell him it will help make you prepared for the next one. haha.