I Hope I Get A Big Butt- 16 Weeks

I am convinced my legs and butt do not possess the ability to store fat. What a wonderful curse to have you might be thinking? You are wrong. If I were to suddenly gain 30 lbs I guarantee it would all go straight to my arms and stomach, but my legs would stay little sticks. I would very realistically resemble a chicken. As my stomach begins growing I'm noticing my sides expanding as well, which means I'm going to be ROUND. I fear I will resemble a chicken in the very near future. I've read that many people complain about the rapid pace at which their butt grows during pregnancy. I can only hope and pray this is something I experience, otherwise I will be very top heavy and my pants won't stay up. The doctor will make me go on bed rest due to the probability I will topple over each time I stand up no matter how much I swing my arms like a cartoon trying to stay upright.