Things From 2012 I'm So Over

2012 had many many great things to offer. It also had many things I'm happy to say goodbye to including:
  • Pinterest. I fear this will still be a fascination during 2013, but I am over it. It should at least be renamed
  • Floral skinny jeans. Warming up to skinny jeans was a big step for me. Warming up to colorful skinny jeans was an even bigger step for me. Even the disgusting mistake of wearing leggings as pants is somewhat forgivable due to their comfiness factor.  But no matter what, floral and other hideously printed skinny jeans will never be acceptable nor forgivable.
  • The use of hashtags on Facebook. I shouldn't even feel the need to explain why this is so ridiculous.
  • High waisted shorts. Hello longest mom bum I have ever seen.
  • Demi Lovato. Actually it's not so much Demi Lovato I hope to go away, it's our awful taste in music. I wouldn't mind if the music sucked, but the person singing was an actual musician. Cursing today's music was just my official magic password to entering old fogeydom.
  • Someecards. You know, the old fashion cards with a 1940's looking drawing accompanied by a "funny" statement. Just because you put something slightly sassy next to an old school drawing doesn't make you clever and witty.
  • Using "haha" at the end of all your social media statuses and statements. Don't you understand? The point of socializing over the internet is there shouldn't be a need to end each sentence with a nervous awkward laugh.


Sam M said...

I will forever be with you on floral skinny jeans. And just the same, I didn't own a pair of skinnies for a long time and it took me forever to find the right pair of colored skinny jeans. I don't do leggings as pants, but floral skinny jeans? Why don't you just walk around in tights? And when did the 80s come back? Acid wash floral skinny jeans? It's TOO much.