8 Weeks- January 10th

I want to blog about my thoughts on being pregnant, but we've decided to wait a few more weeks to really tell people, so I've decided to write the posts anyway and just post them later. I contemplated just keeping these thoughts in my journal, but there is something very therapeutic and freeing about blogging, being real, and writing about more than the perfect things in life.

After taking three pregnancy tests several weeks ago, I was in complete shock and disbelief at what I was seeing. I always pictured telling my husband I was pregnant similar to the scene from Full House where Becky makes Jessie a dinner of finger foods to surprise him. I had mini BYU outfit in mind..... like 5 years down the road. Instead I had an ugly cry on the bathroom floor/panic attack that Mark was very good at helping me recover from. I didn't think I would write these thoughts down because I don't want my future child to think I didn't want him or her, but I have always wanted a baby, I just wasn't sure I was quite ready for it. Honestly I think it needed it to be this way because I don't know that I was ever going to have the, "Hey, let's have a baby!" moment that so many girls have. The more time that goes by and I think about how amazing this experience is going to be, the more I realize this couldn't have happened at a better time. We've just moved into a house, we have jobs that we are both very happy with, and life is finally settling down for us. Well it was settling down for us. My first week at church someone asked if I had kids. I of course said, "No, it's probably going to be a while before that happens haha". She responded by saying, "Oh honey, if you drink the water in this neighborhood it won't be long". One month later, and I found out she was right!


Diana said...

I always say, if you wait til you're ready to have kids you'll never have them! Even if you think you've timed things perfectly something upsets the balance. You'll be an awesome mom. Enjoy the ride!

Sam M said...

Can I say I LOVE that you posted how you found out and your reaction to it, because I'm pretty sure this same thing is going to happen to me one day. I hope things are going well and hope you blog more about it.