The Bright Side

It's been an unusually stressful week. When things get rough and don't go the way we plan, one of two things happens: Mark and I get stressed out, grouchy, and we take it out on each other. Or... we keep our calm, problem solve together, and in the end we become closer. I prefer the latter of the two.  There are several ways to keep myself from getting worked up and staying positive, one of which is to think about all the awesome things in life, rather than the not so awesome.

This week was awesome because.....

  • It was Mark's birthday! We went to Tucanos to carnivorously gorge ourselves on an endless supply meat. And in case we didn't get enough, we also went to Rodizio Grill. I gave Mark the extended edition of Lord of the Rings on Blu ray and Murphy gave him tickets to The Piano Guys (Jon Schmidt).
  • It was Teacher Appreciation week. Although I am not a teacher, I still got to reap the benefits. Again, more food than I could imagine.
  • I had a few interviews for summer jobs that I am very excited about!
  • Each day is one step closer to school being out.
  • The weather has been absolutely perfect.
  • Paying for my ticket and car registration renewal could have been $300 like in Colorado, instead it was only $200. I'm just trying to look on the bright side here.... 
  • Now it's the weekend! 


Tricia said...

Love it, looks like fun! And my how your puppy has grown!