Peeta Mellark Gives Me The Heebie Jeebies

I'm not crazy-obsessed-cry-my-eyes-out-passionate about the story, but I loved the books, and I loved the movie. There are many things to discuss after seeing the movie, but because I disagree on one particular subject with most people, I'd like to discuss Peeta and Gale.

Nothing turns me off more than a guy who can't do manly things like build a fire, set up a tent, camp, brave the night, and fend for himself. If you haven't read the books then I just introduced you to Peeta. Sure he is sweet, loves Katniss with all his heart, says lots of mushy things, chucked burnt bread into a puddle for her, but come on.... he is a delicate flower. Gale is all, "Hey Katniss, let me take you hunting, protect your family, be your best friend, flex my muscles, and be super nice and dreamy looking".

I don't mind that she ends up with Peeta, I actually really like the ending of book three (except for the whole black out scene, but that's another topic), but all along I loved Gale the most. The movie only confirmed this for me. There is one particular scene where Peeta grossed me out and gave me the heebie jeebies more than ever before: Towards the end when they hear the dogs barking Peeta jumps like a little girl and says, "What was that?" Katniss says, "It's the finale." And then in her bravest almost man voice, "Let's go". They tromp off into the woods as Katniss holds her bow up protecting poor little Peeta. Yuck.

I like Josh Hutcherson, I think he played the role very well. There are even some parts where I like Peeta, but in the end, I love Gale the most, and I think Katniss does as well. She ends up with Peeta because of circumstance, but in book four you will find out that she always wishes Gale wasn't turned crazy by The Capital and that they could have lived happily every after.

Just in case I haven't explained myself very well, please see the pictures below. They explain it all.

Does anyone else notice Jennifer Lawerence and Liam Hemsworth looking meant for each other as ever? And I think that little boy on the left might be their son. 

Again, Katiss and Gale look like they are protecting dainty little Peeta in this picture and he is saying, "Gee thanks Mom and Dad". Also, Liam pulls off the bedroom eyes/tough guy face very well. Josh looks like he just ate a bug.

Family photo again. Mom, Dad, and little Peeta. 


michael. mindy. dane. said...

agree! agree! agree! loooove gale. i like peeta. he's a nice guy. but she should be with gale. he is her first love and they are just right for each other. i'm so glad someone else agrees!

Faith said...

Hahaha too funny!!! I am glad that finally in a book and movie the woman was the heroine!! Love that she was the strong one and could protect her man !

Melissa Pitz said...

hahahha I LOVE THIS POST! I completely agree with ALL of the above.

Tricia said...

Oh man. I'm going to have to be that guy and disagree with the whole Gale thing. Gale rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning but I was in LOVE with Peeta. I have such a soft spot for nice guys that worship a girl.
I hope we can still be friends even though I'm a Peeta girl?

Ashley Marie said...

I'm only about half through the second book but so far I have to agree. I'm so incredibly annoyed with Peeta because he can't fend for himself. I love the dynamic between Gale and Katniss so I am a little disappointed to hear she ends up with Peeta lol

Anonymous said...

Guess I shouldn't have read your post because I wasn't done with book three and now I know she ends up with Peeta. That is just sad.