The Neverend

While we were at dinner for our anniversary/Valentines Mark took a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to me. When I realized it was a poem he had written I started to cry before I even read the first line. I didn't want everyone to think he was breaking up with me on Valentines Day or something so I decided to read it at home. It is something I will cherish forever, and a reminder of why he is the best friend and husband I could ask for.

The Neverend

You took my hand as my best friend
And we started off to our Neverend
The road would be long and full of trial
But we would face it together, mile by mile

We have come so far in three short years
We have shared in joy and shared in tears
The road has been steep with holes to mend
Still we stayed on track toward our Neverend

At times we got lost, not knowing which turn to take
And it seemed each choice made, became a mistake
But the path would come clear as we held each other tight
And forgot all the wrong and looked for the right

When the path becomes easy and the road looks fair
I know it's because of you we made it there
You're the core and the leader, the beacon of hope
For each river and cliff, you're the bridge, you're the rope

The path stretches on, countless miles to go
Some places we've been and some we don't know
We will cross each valley every mountain will be topped
We forge on together we cannot be stopped

So come now with me, there are great days ahead
More laughs to laugh, more tears to be shed
I will cherish forever each second we spend
On our journey together toward our Neverend


Michael and Jodisue said...

That was an amazing poem!! Mark should seriously write a book of poems!! I am so glad he has such an amazing wife who inspires him!!