Stormy Sundays

It's slushing outside. Slushing is a combination of snow and rain. BTS Cake and leftover pizza for breakfast. Netflix is providing never ending options for couch potato time. This is going to be one of those days. The kind where you eat too much and do too little. I'm totally ok with it though.

I'm trying to write on my blog every day again. It's therapeutic, forces me to take more pictures, challenges me to write something interesting even if nothing interesting is happening, and I absolutely love looking back at what we were up to a few years ago. Speaking of which.... tomorrow we will have been married for 3 years.... 3 years! Who gets married on Friday the 13th, the day before Valentines, and President's Day weekend? Us...

As we laid in bed the other night, I realized an interesting change has happened in marriages in the short time we've been married. We used to lay in bed at night, with his and hers lamps, reading a good book to wind down before we fell asleep. Now we lay in bed, perusing our smart phones with access to basically anything we need. Don't get me wrong, we read books too, and now we can read them on our phones if we want.

This picture was taken yesterday while we were hiking up Neff's Canyon. Mark says I look like something from the Sistene Chapel. Funny how yesterday we were hiking in a light jacket and sunshine, and now it's a snow storm outside. That is why I love Utah.


Lauren said...

My sister is so cute. Just sayin. :))

Ross said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope that you had a fantastic weekend and I hope you have an even better week!