It Makes Me Sad That...

This world is getting to be so dangerous.
I feel it's necessary to carry mace with me when I go anywhere without my husband.
I'm scared to one day send my kids to school.
I can't go hiking alone with my dog for fear of the Millcreek flasher.
You can't watch T.V. without seeing ridiculous amounts of trash, even children's shows.
You can't trust the mail, e-mails or any phone calls you receive because there are so many scammers in the world.

I feel like in this world... even little Utah, you have to watch your back everywhere you turn. I can't imagine the responsibility you feel once you have children to keep them safe. Sorry for the sober post, but it's been on my mind! When I hear all the terrible things that are happening around me, I realize that my problems are minuscule compared to some of the trials others are facing.


Faith said...

i was feeling the same exact way yesterday. it is scary and makes me sad too. just yesterday i was telling a girlfriend, how can i feel comfortable bring a child into this scary world?