Video About a Monster and More

My first official day of Christmas break and I'm up at 5:30! By the time my body realizes I can sleep in, it will be time to go back to work. I haven't taken any pictures lately which is my usual motivation for blogging. With many Christmas parties/sledding/snowboarding/good food around the corner, I'll soon have something worth photographing and something worth blogging about. Until then please enjoy my ramblings and this video. Unless we are closely related, you probably won't find this video of my dog funny at all. If you are related to me, and feel like Murphy is part of your family then you might enjoy it. Please don't mind how good I'm looking first thing in the morning. 

And as if this post wasn't random enough.... I have a few more thoughts:

First off.... Pinterest. I was very reluctant to open a Pinterest account. In a moment of complete and utter boredom, I caved. I got a glimpse of the photography and couldn't resist. And it took two weeks for my invitation to come. Two weeks people? I do not really care for it much, if you've seen my boards they are very bare. Pinterest is my very last go to after I have exhausted all other hobbies and time fillers including washing my hair, cleaning my toilet, organizing the fridge, doing my nails, bathing my dog, and watching all available documentaries on Netflix. So I'm not saying I don't like Pinterest, I'm just saying it's my last resort.

Second.... as I tried to secretly take a little break at work and read a blog or two, I had to get up from my desk and leave in tears because of this blog. Literally laughing till I cried. Needless to say, my "break" wasn't secret anymore. And I was excited to see this follow up post yesterday. Finally something to replace the lack of writing going on at Hyperbole

Third.... The Civil Wars. I can not get enough! I haven't been this obsessed with an artist or band since Shania Twain when I was 10. Weather you've heard of them or not, watch these videos I have provided for your convenience and be amazed. Their folksy sound and beautiful harmonies are so relaxing and almost make me look forward to my commute. 


HealBalanceLive said...

I have to suggest you take your camera to Park City Main Street for some holiday pics. Alex and I were there on Saturday and it was BEAUTIFUL!!