Speed Bumps

There were some definite speed bumps in my day today.... it was kind of a rough one. It began with the unfortunate series of events leading up to Mark's flat tire. The one day in years that we only had one car, Mark got a flat tire several miles from home.... at 7:00 AM. This is a problem for two reasons: We don't have any friends that live near us, and even if we did, 7 is too early to call someone anyway. Well I called our neighbor who walks Murphy (she is a saint) and asked her if I could use her car. Then her car wouldn't start, so Mark was on his own. Good thing he is rough and tough and manly and can change a tire. 

When the tire guy told me I was going to need 4 new tires so the wear on the tread would be the same, I almost threw up on him. I quickly recovered and just stared at him, mouth open, for a good 8 seconds. I pondered his analysis for a moment, and then said no way Jose. I'll buy one used tired that has the same tread as the other three. Peace. 

So I'm feeling a little stressed my friends, and it definitely has nothing to do with the fact that I'm waiting until Thursday to do my first Christmas shopping trip..... nothing to do with that at all. Or our tire, or my other car that is due for her 60,000 mile maintenance which I hear is quite pricey. I think the stress is coming from too much sugar. My body doesn't know how to handle it. 

While not browsing Pinterest I came across some quotes that really sums things up. 

Never again will I wait until my Christmas break to do shopping. I thought this would be the least stressful tactic. Turns out, it's a disaster. I think I'll start shopping for next year in January, and buy one present a month. 

 No...... more........ Christmas........ treats....... 
Christmas is not about the presents, cars cost money, dogs eat couches, junk food causes weight gain.... these are all facts of life I just need to learn to accept. No point in stressing. Just change what you can, and let the rest be.

 So I don't think money in any way brings happiness, but it sure brings less stress when you're smart with what you have. This is a hard time of year to remember to stay within your means, but it's important! Mark and I are learning to cut out the things we don't really want or need, for the things that we really do. Sometimes budgeting sucks, but you just have to do it. 

Patience: something I'm still learning. Sometimes I get so angry that we work so far away from home, that we can't buy a house because of it, that we spend a lot on commuting, that I don't have more time in the day, well boohoo. At least we have good jobs that we love, and that we have cars we can drive to work, and because we don't have to work nights or weekends, we see each other a lot more than some couples. Some day we will have a house close to our jobs and things will be even better, but until then we have it pretty good. 

I can be a grouch monster. I'm like Oscar the Grouch on a bad day when I'm stressed. I've had several of those moments where you look back and think, "I was that upset about that? What a freakin' wacko." Lucky for me, my husband is a sweetheart. I think he's accepted my crazy spaz out moments, and knows the perfect thing to say to make me chill out. After some ice cream and a moment or two, I stop being so dramatic and realize the world is not ending. When I apologize for my over dramatic grouchiness, he let's it go. Girls hold onto things far too long, and guys can forgive and forget so quickly. I guess that's why we're the emotional ones. If they remembered all the crazy moments girls have, they might run away. 

Because this was a rather heavy and somewhat downer of a post, I thought I would leave off on a good note with this picture. Princess Murphy doesn't like to sit on cold hard rocks. He decided my sister's feet was the closest thing to a couch he was going to get I guess. What a fancy pants. 


Mama Walker said...

Ouch so sorry you hit bumps today but you will be here to visit soon and things will be less stress I hope. Love you guys

Emily said...

Hey Jamie, just wanted to say you're not alone! We got a flat tire coming home from Idaho on Sunday and Ryan is sure we have to buy four new tires so the tread is all the EXACT SAME and yada yada yada. It is crappy! But hang in there. I am sure it will get better! Good luck! And have a great Christmas!

samnhal said...

I'm pretty sure I can feel your stress in this post. While it sucks that I'm missing Christmas, It's awesome to not miss the stress it brings! Good luck Christmas shopping.

kira said...

I'm sorry to hear about the car trouble, that sounds like a seriously rough day!