Hey Baby, Wanna Smoke?

Now picture me reading that title with the hoarsest, scratchiest, smokiest, oldest lady voice you can imagine. That's what I've sounded like for the past two days. And now it's turned into nothing more than a whisper. I can text and type, but no phone calls. Seriously lost my voice. How do you lose your voice? What physically happens in there that makes my voice only capable of sounding like a dying frog? And it's UEA.... not sure what that stands for, but it means every student in Utah doesn't have to go to school Thursday or Friday which means I don't have to go to work. The majority of people go on vacation, but I am spending my days shopping, running errands, and trying to use sign language to communicate with people. It makes trying to ask the produce guy where I can find garlic rather complicated.

I'm not going to include any pictures or self portraits of my current state. Just imagine me wrapped in a purple blanket, holding a cup of tea, next to a box of tissues and cough drops, with vicks vapor rub fumes surrounding me.


Happy Wife said...

Get Well Soon!!!!

Claire said...

oh no! i'm in sympathy with you as ive beeeen ill today too :(