Little Man Bum

Someone said my blog is turning into the Murphy blog. Maybe I will change the name to The MP: The Murph Party. 

Anyway, take a look at this picture. Oh my goodness alien dog. Murphy has the longest legs in the world which hinder his running and make him look like a goon when he stands in the window. Every time he does this I laugh so hard. He looks like a human with the littlest man bum I've ever seen. 

Yesterday I took him for his first mountain biking trip. He just ran along with me and never once acted tired. I'm so happy I have someone to play with while Mark is at BYU games. Football season gets very lonely for me. 

We have officially determined that Murphy is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He doesn't have the hyena strip of hair running up his back, but everything else is unmistakable. I read that breeders will often abandon the puppy if it is born without the ridge because they aren't worth as much. Maybe that's why he was found on the streets and taken to the shelter? 

When people started asking if he was a Ridgeback I had no clue,  so of course I Googled it and this came up: RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK, AFRICAN LION HUNTING DOG. Oh my. How funny that the very first toy we ever bought him was a stuffed lion that he still caries around. I don't think Murphy is really capable of chasing down a lion. He's a sweetheart, but mainly because his legs get in the way and he can only run the pace of a fast turtle. 

This is going to be one big dog. Right now he's about 35 lbs. Our guess is he'll get up to 80 lbs. We need a yard.


Lara Kennard said...

I love reading about your Murphy! He's a very handsome dog! They really are great to keep company. I love my Chester for that! Murphy could probably eat Chester though. Chester only weighs 7 lbs!

Tricia said...

Ridgebacks are so great, and very active! He could also be a Vizla mix maybe? Either way, he's handsome!

Faith said...

he is so handsome!

Steph said...

oh my goodness. i wish my dogs could stand up and look out the window like that. i would make them do it all day long.

megan said...

Oh goodness. I love the Murph updates!