Is Summer Over Yet?

Two 12 hour work days in a row combined with my death commute and fast food for dinner every night is enough to nearly kill someone. I just keep telling myself, once school starts it will be better. I've loved every second of summer and I don't want it to end, but the week before school starts always bites and then I can't wait for summer to end.

When I say I work at a school people generally ask what I teach, but I don't. My degree is in teaching, but I've decided the administrative route is more my thing. Possible masters in the future? Perhaps. Until then I'm the office manager at a charter school and LOVE it. I love that every day I go into work not knowing what to expect, always working on a different project, and solving different problems. I've had jobs where it's the same thing every day, over and over and it makes me want to spoon my eye out. Gross, I know. That's how bad I hated it. After this week I wouldn't mind a little repetition and staring at the clock waiting for the seconds to go by until I can go home. Right now 4:00 rolls around and I'm freaking out that I only got half the things done I planned on.

As a kid I never knew how much work went into getting my elementary school running. I thought the faculty spent their summers watching Animaniacs and roller blading like me. I think I need to call and thank them.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

funny that you're wishing summer to end and i'm praying it will slow down for these last few days! so you're like..the administrative assistant? maybe it's different at a charter school? we have secretaries and then the head secretary who is basically the principals' secretary. is it different at your school?

Claire said...

oh dear, hope it gets better for you!!

Faith said...

yikes, hope it goes quickly for you!