Sayonara 15 pounds!

I've done it! I set a goal to reach a certain weight before summer, and 2 days in a row now the scale has read the magic number. 2 days in a row! That's how you know it's real and you didn't just happen to step on the scale weird while being hungry and dehydrated. I've lost 15 pounds and it's been slow and gradual, but that's how I will keep it off. If I shock my system and diet hardcore, I could lose the weight, but keeping it off would be impossible.

When we moved to St. George my job was intense. I was usually working 11 or 12 hour days and by the time I drove home I was lucky to have energy to stop at the drive-through, let alone go to the gym. Slowly I was starting to get that newlywed chub. I was so busy I didn't notice, or if I did notice my thoughts would quickly turn to work and my to do list for that day. I loved my job in St. George, but I didn't have the time to take care of myself.

Since moving to Salt Lake I now have a job I love just as much, and I'm home by 5! There are several things that have helped me get back to where my body is happy. Here they are in order:

1. Yoga- I think yoga has been the biggest factor. Not that yoga itself magically made me lose weight, but it has helped me more mentally than physically. Running, spinning, and lifting weights gets my heart up and endorphins pumping, but yoga does something else. Not to get all hippy on you, but I feel like I understand my body better. I've pushed it to it's limit, and then been able to go past that limit which is an awesome feeling. It makes me want to work harder and be stronger. I feel healthier, which also makes me want to eat healthier.

2. Food- I love food. Basically I love healthy food and ice cream. I rarely eat processed food, chips, fast food, donuts, cake, etc.... and when I do I enjoy it for a minute, but then I always feel sick after. My body is saying dude get this crap away from me! If you keep those foods out of your system long enough, your body will not crave them. Not having the temptation there is really helpful. My downfall is ice cream. I can eat gallons of ice cream at a time and feel fine. I crave it every second of the day. I just have to make sure that everything else I eat is good for me, so that I can have my daily dose of ice cream!

3. Eat at the right time: I've stopped eating after 7. If I want a dessert I eat it right after dinner and then the kitchen is closed for business. I used to eat fruit and yogurt or a smoothie for breakfast, but I've learned that getting some carbs and fiber in the morning keeps me full longer and gives me more energy. If I had the time I would make an egg sandwich with wheat bread for breakfast every morning, but who has time for that? So I try to eat cereal (real cereal not Captain Crunch), toast, muffins, something with whole grains and fiber so I'm not snacking at 10. Then I load up on the fruit with lunch.

3. Water- Water is like to nectar of the gods. It gives you clear skin, flushes away toxins, and keeps you hydrated. I have a glass of orange juice in the morning, but other than that I try to stick to water. As with junk food, soda makes me ill. Even if you drink gatorade and juice, that's 100s of calories a day. Think of all the treats you could have for that same number of calories if you just stuck to water?

4. Playing- Mark and I have a gym membership which I love, but of course playing outside is always more fun. Now that it's warm we try to do something every day after work. Mountain bike, tennis, hike, longboard, or even play frisbee. Especially now that we have a puppy we have to go outside and play!

5. Gym membership- In college going to the gym was a social event. I would go with my roommates and we would see other people we know and chat it up over the sound of our ellipticals. It's not like that anymore. Mark and I can go together, but we both do completely different workouts of course. Working out is just easier when you have someone to do it with. That's why I love the classes at my gym so much. Obviously the yoga classes are my favorite, but I also love spinning, kick boxing, abs class, and pilates. Keeping up with the rest of the class and trying not to look like a wussy pants is pretty good motivation. Much more than doing it on your own with no one to push you or witness your wussiness.

6. Vegetables- I wish this was listed as #1 and not #6. I know if I could eat several servings of veggies every day I would be one healthy girl. But I just loathe most vegetables. I have tried my hardest to find the ones I like and look for recipes loaded with them. But honestly, I get maybe one or two servings a day... if I'm lucky. I'm just going to keep trying, and one day I'll be a veggie monster! My favorite veggie filled recipe that you have to try are these spring rolls. To. Die. For.

7. Cute workout clothes- When you workout you want to feel good for yourself. When you're surrounded by mirrors at the gym and all you see is yourself wearing an oversized t-shirt and our cut off sweats from high school, your first thought probably isn't, "oh yeah I'm looking good, keep going!" For me it's worth it to invest is some good quality gym clothes that I feel good in. It may sound funny, but it helps me stay motivated to work out!


MN @ Serenity and Style said...

good for you!! this is such an inspirational post!! congrats on the weight loss and other awesomness!!

Kristen said...

WOOOO!!! Congratulations on your weight loss accomplishment! I bet you feel so good! I'm going to do the same thing as soon as I go grocery shopping next week! 15-20 pounds is my goal... great tips. I enjoyed reading them and I'm really happy for you!

samnhal said...

That's awesome that you lost 15 pounds! The most fit I've ever been in my life was in college when I had a yoga class twice a week. Now my life is crazy and I haven't had much time for yoga. My body can always tell when it's been too long since I've done it.

Steph said...

yay! good for you! :)

and i'm totally with you on the cute workout clothes!

Tricia said...

So happy for you! I'm at the beginning of trying to lose about 20 and it's inspiring to see someone else do it!

Krystale said...

love it love it. saving this page for MOTIVATION.. JULY 5TH IS COMING FAST.

kira said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you are losing weight the right way.