Spring Rolls

I want to love vegetables, but sometimes I have the hardest time finding ways to enjoy them. Well let me introduce to you my favorite way to get those vegetable servings. The spring roll wrappers are much healthier than deep fried egg rolls, and in my opinion they taste better. These are yummy, satisfying, filling, delicious, no cooking required, and fast! If that many great descriptive words isn't convincing enough, then I don't know what is. 


-Assorted vegetables of your choice. I use:
Red onion
Bell pepper (I was out this time)

-Dipping sauce of your choice. I use:
A Taste Of Thai Sweet Red Chili Sauce and Chinese Mustard

-Spring roll wrappers. 


1. Cut up the vegetables in tiny strips.
2. Fill shallow pan with hot water.
3. Put rice paper in pan until soft (15-20 seconds).
4. Place rice paper on paper towel and blot to remove excess water. The rice paper will stick to itself so make sure to remove it from the water very carefully. 
5. Place vegetable strips in rice paper.
6. Use your burrito making skills to fold ends of the rice paper over and then roll the vegetables up. The tighter the better. This takes lots of practice!

I have only been able to find these in health food stores. The first time I accidentally bought egg roll wrappers. It was doughy and disgusting and I wanted to die. I do not suggest using them!

This is what rice paper looks like. It's very thin and fragile. Tell the bag boy to be careful!

Rice paper soaking in water.

The rice paper is on top of the paper towel, it's just see through. I don't know why I have such ugly paper towels.

I am not claiming in any way to be good at taking pictures of food. It might not look great, but I promise you will love them!


Chickavee said...

I really like that first picture of the spring roll. Yummers.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

the fact that the rice paper is transparent kind of eeks me out for some reason. does it crisp up? or are they soft?

Happy Wife said...

I need to make these!! So simple and good for you. Thanks for sharing!

Candace Stevenson said...

mmmmm delish?! looks it! hah LOVE your header fyi, LoVe

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Mizdragonfly said...

Looks very yummy! Knowing me though, I'll rip that rice paper up :/


Diana Smith said...

This looks soo yummy! I love Spring rolls, what an awesome tutorial!!

kira said...

I love spring rolls! Yours sound really delicious.

HealBalanceLive said...

Great pics!

Ashley said...

YUM! I'm going to have to try these.