So What Wednesday

Just joining Life After I Dew for a little dose of So What Wednesdays!

So what if......
  • I tuck my pajama pants into my socks when I go to bed. If my pant legs rise up during my tossy turny sleep then I freeze. If I wanted to wear shorts to bed I would have. Plus Mark thinks genie pants look gooood. 
  • We made fruit pizza last night and practically finished the entire thing.
  • When we go to the gym for an hour, I spend the last 20 minutes stretching while Mark continues to workout. 
  • I can hardly contain any secrets about Mark's birthday any longer. Good thing there's only a few days left or I just might explode!
  • My gym shoes have a whole in the top. My pinky toe needs fresh air when I'm running. 
  • I can't go an hour without chewing gum. It's sugar free. 
  • I never paint my fingernails.
  • I sung to the soundtrack of Les Miserables at the top of my lungs on my way to work and people passing me saw.


Kristen said...

hehehe you're too cute! i never paint my fingernails either! :P

-Mallori said...

your hole in your shoes makes me think of the holes in your socks, and it makes me giggle :)

-Mallori said...

Trust me, the hair in my eyes drove me completely nuts the entire night. I kept sweeping my bangs to the side and all of my friends would come over and scrape my hair down into my face!

I'm sure you're not a hole-y kind of person all the time, but it's just what you've written about lately. And I'm the same way = wearing shoes and socks until I literally can't anymore!

Kristen said...

I used to only wear clear on my nails. Just a few months ago I started to use color.. still kinda looks weird to me!

samnhal said...

Did you put the hole in the shoes, or do you just like it now that it's there? I never paint my fingernails either! AND I hate it when my pant legs go up in the night. Hate it.