Awkward Bathroom Scenarios

Maybe this is a little too much potty humor so soon after my Tampon Story, but let's just get this out in the open. Bathrooms are places just waiting for incredibly awkward moments to happen. Sometimes it's a little too much for me to handle and I just avoid the bathroom all together if someone else is in there.... especially if it's someone I know. Let me explain...

Awkward Bathroom Scenario #1
Walking down the hall and chatting with a friend/coworker. You're on your way to the bathroom. As you prepare to end the conversation and turn the corner to the ladies room, you realize friend/coworker is coming to join you. Do you continue your original conversation? Do you talk from one stall to the other? It's weird to talk while each of you are peeing so you stop. Once you do you realize it's even weirder to end your conversation just to listen to one another pee. What are we supposed to do in this situation?

Awkward Bathroom Scenario #2
You enter the bathroom and there is already one person doing their thing. Suddenly an awfully embarrassing noise comes from the stall next to you. Of course in this situation the noisy person should wait until you leave before they show their face, but many will not. I will wait until they are done, washed their hands, and left the bathroom before I exit the stall. If we exit the stall at the same time, then they know that I know that they were the ones that did it. The thought of that moment is enough for me to wait it out until they're gone. We would have to stand at the sink for a good 30 seconds together. What are you supposed to say to someone after that? Hey what did you have for lunch today?

Awkward Bathroom Scenario #3
If your faculty lounge at work is anything like mine it might look something like this: a small room with one table for eating lunch, and 2 feet away is the door to the bathroom. Not only is this gross and unsanitary, but it is just a recipe for countless awkward bathroom moments. I don't think I need to say anything else.

Awkward Bathroom Scenario #4
Being in the bathroom with your boss at the same time. No matter what happens or what you say, this is a situation that is best to avoid.

Awkward Bathroom Scenario #5
I've mentioned this before, but I will say it again. It doesn't matter how long you've been married for, it is just gross to use the bathroom with the door open.


Chickavee said...

So THAT'S why you left me hanging outside of the bathroom the other day!

Hahaha. TOTALLY just kidding!! I'm with you on all of those... especially the last few.

Kimberlee said...

Can I get three cheers for the awkward bathroom scenarios? Because, amen!

Except, confession: I use the bathroom at home without always shutting the door. Meh, he's seen child labor. :)

Mel said...

hahahah these are so funny! I always hate when i go to the bathroom and then I get "pee shy." hahah

Britt- said...

My favorite is when there is only one stall. You walk in and someone is doing they're hair in the mirror right next to the only stall in the room, they've already watched you come into the room so you can't really just back out and pretend you don't have to go anymore. What happened to bathroom courtesy music??

Michelle said...

HAHAHA I love this! I hate awkward bathroom scenes! I hate when people talk to me when I go in public, is that weird? HAHA

samnhal said...

Never ever go to the bathroom with the door open EWWWW! I'm so weird about bathrooms. I won't go poo if someone else is in the bathroom at work. I wait until they leave.