So What Wednesdays

I'm linking up with Life After I Dew for So What Wednesdays. It's a day early, but by the time you read it it's probably going to be Wednesday. I don't usually link with other blogs, but this one was too fun to resist!

SO WHAT IF.........
  • I didn't last more than 3 days on my 30 Days Without Ice Cream Challenge. I was going to let you think I made it through, but the truth is ice cream and I go together like Gumby and Pokey. 
  • I'm 24 and still make prank calls. I promise you'll laugh just as hard as when you were 12. 
  • We're moving again. Who doesn't think it's fun to pack all your stuff up every 8-9 months, carry it down three flights of stairs, carry it up three flights of stairs, and unpack it again? Me. 
  • I take a bath before bed and a shower in the morning before work. One to relax, and one to wakeup. 
  • Mark lost 3 pounds during our first week of working out every day and I stayed the same. Maybe it's the ice cream's fault?
  • I don't like chocolate. I know I know you've never met anyone that doesn't like chocolate. What about Mike T.V.?
  • I ask Mark to pop my back every night before I go to bed. I read somewhere it's good for you. 
  • I hate shopping with other people. I just want to try on my clothes and move onto the next store. 
  • Sometimes I have bad hair days.


Mary Nevin said...

i've moved 3 times in the past 2ish years so i'm with you on that one..
also, bad hair days are just good excuses to be extra sassy :)

anna p of just me. said...

awesome! i want to do this.
i liked your "so whats"!

Holly said...

LOL at the bad hair day photo! That's hilarious! Mine does that too, only it's even worse because it's curly! :D

Mizdragonfly said...

I moved 3 times in 5 years, and I thought THAT was too much!

Bath in the evening, shower in the morning: I do the same ;)


Britt- said...

Haha I love it all! I have naturally curly hair so if i go to bed with my hair wet, I wake up with an Afro of curls :)

Kristen said...

Don't worry. I wouldn't last without ice cream either!

samnhal said...

I hate moving. It sucks. We have to help our friends move this weekend. Not excited. You're not alone. I don't really like chocolate either. I'll eat some things, but I hate straight chocolate things like cake or ice cream. But I love white chocolate.

-Mallori said...

......I don't like chocolate

this was a good one to link up with!