Dear Friends

Dear Vacation- We will be with each other again soon. Until then, I miss you and think of you in my every waking moment.

Dear Canyons- Today is the last day you are open and I am sad. I will cherish our memories from this past winter together forever. See you next year.

Dear Snowboard- Do not cry because the Canyons is closed for the year. I know how you hate being put in the closet for several months. I promise to take you out occasionally and strap you to my feet in the living room. We will have to use our imaginations.

Dear Job- I can't thank you enough for giving me the entire summer off and still sending a paycheck. You're the best.

Dear Pottery Studio- Thanks to Job we get to spend the entire summer loving each other. It will be just like our old college days together.

Dear Sunshine- Please feel free to stay a while. If you cooperate everything will be fine. If you try to leave I will be forced to grab you by the neck and keep you here. Do not struggle. This is for your own good, and the good of mankind. 

Dear Skin- You are white as snow. Let's get together with Sunshine this week for a play date shall we?

Dear Hyperbole and a Half- Thank you for being my favorite blog and providing endless hours of entertainment. 

Dear Husband- We have successfully completed week one of our new workout routine. Your arms look bigger and mine look smaller already. 

Dear New Workout Routine- Your Kickboxing class nearly killed me and we only stayed for half of it. This week I promise to try harder. 

Dear Clothes- You are looking rather sparse lately. I promise to get your some friends once Money starts to visit more often.

Dear Money- Please come and stay for a while. I miss you. 

Dear Cable- I'm glad we don't pay for you. You are not worth $60 when there are things like the internet and Netflix. 

Dear Nature- You are my best friend. 


Mel said...

Dear Jamie- you are adorable and i love this post. I hope you get your vacation soon :)

Glitzy Glass Stars said...

Wow, I found your blog. So fun. Are you guys going up to the Walkers for Easter? Hope you have a great day. Your blog is so great. What kind of Camera do you have. I need to have more time to look.
Jen Walker

anna p of just me. said...

i love this post! its so great!! i often write odes to inanimate objects to express my love or frusterations. i like the way you did this!

also, BLOGGER question for you!! i want my pages (i.e. about me etc.) to be pictures (like yours are the very adorable boxes), but i don't want to link them on the side, i want to do it on the top. i noticed you had yours like that at one point, can you fill me in on the secret?!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

This is a fun post! I loved it. Michael hates HATES chocolate. So you're not alone!