April Fools!

I would just like to report on yet another successful April Fools Day.

I was NOT fooled by Mark's trick. Well it worked for about .02 seconds and then I realized he really didn't back into something with our new car.

I sneakily tricked Mark into thinking we owed the car dealership a $100 fee. He was so mad he wanted to call them, so I e-mailed him their number. 1-800-APRIL FOOLS.

I announced to the entire school that recess would be canceled for the day due to "poor air quality". Buuuahahaha

You might want to read about my first and favorite April Fools Trick here if you haven't already done so.


Kristen said...

Hehehe I usually am not clever enough to come up with April Fool's jokes, however, a co-worker and I played a pretty good prank on some of the project coordinators at my work. I'm the receptionist so I sent one PC and email saying that a Mr. Lee Muhr with the Blank Park Zoo called upset and he needed to call him back ASAP. It's a phony voicemail with this stupid message sounding like it's an actual lemur at the zoo... stupid but hilarious. Well... no one wanted to call an angry customer so they kept passing it off to other people until it got to one of the managers! We were crying/laughing it was too funny. Gotta love April Fool's :)