My First April Fools Trick

I am a little late joining the bang train. So far (all 2 hours) I'm loving it. Goodbye pioneer hair!

Last time I had bangs I think I was about this big.

Enough pictures of myself for one week. It's time for something interesting/funny to read.

My First April Fools Trick

I know it's not anywhere near April Fool's, but I was thinking about my first April Fool's trick the other day and I couldn't help but feel sorry for my Mom / laugh my head off because I was am such a nerd. Picture this:

I was 6 years old. The idea of April Fools was new to me, and very intriguing. A day set aside for being mischievous and playing tricks on all those you love dearly. I was determined to make my first April Fools trick one that would impress my parents and make everyone that heard about it laugh until they cried.

I woke up early and crept outside in my scotty dog night gown. As I filled a zip lock bag with dirt from the flowers near our porch, I couldn't help but think about how clever I was for planning such a great prank.

I opened the door to my parent's bedroom slowly so it would not creak. The sound of dust hitting the floor wakes up my Dad. I crept across the room, sneaky as could be, excitement building as I neared my destination. Just as I was 2 feet away from my Mom's side of the bed, my Dad's superhuman senses kicked in and he knew I was there. "Jamie, what are you doing?" My April Fools trick was not ruined. I had woken up my Dad, but not to worry, the prank was on my Mom. Now someone would witness the brilliance of my plan, and my Dad could join in on the fun! "I'm going to dump this bag of dirt on Mom's head for April Fools Day", I said with an "isn't that going to be great!" tone in my voice.

Needless to say, my Dad didn't join in on the fun, and didn't let me play my first April Fools trick.


black tag diaries said...

that is hilarious! probably a smart move on your dad's part...

Mizdragonfly said...

hahaha that's too funny! Your dad knew that if he let you play that trick, HE would be the one having to deal with you mom!

ps: love the bangs ;)

everyone calls me bon bon said...

Hahaha! You were so adorable! Don't you just love a little kid's sense of humor?

P.S. LOVE the bangs! Good choice! xoxo

Claire said...

haha!! You look good with a fringe (sorry....bangs...)

indira said...

love the hair girl! so glad you've joined the world of bangs!!

Sunny & Star said...

:-) So funny.

And I love your hair. It looks amazing.

Holly said...

This is the best blog post I have read all day!

Diana Smith said...

You look so freaking cute as a little girl!! Oh my gosh!!