Time To Laugh- From Bon Bon


Ok girls (I don't think there are any men reading this) time for your daily laugh/ab workout! This story comes from Bon Bon at The Whim Wham Life. I love her because first of all, her name is Bon Bon. And second third and fourth, the girl's got style, she writes about interesting stuff, and her blog will rock your socks!

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Hi! My name is Bonnie, (you can call me Bon Bon), over at the whim wham life. Today I'm sharing with you one of my most embarrassing life moments. Yes. Just one. I have many. Basically, my whole life is one big awkward moment after another, but that's another story in itself. I've learned to embrace the humor out of most situations as a result! On this particular occasion, I need to rewind a few years and add a couple of my best friends into the mix. 

We were 14 years old and at the mall, (of course), on a Saturday afternoon. Me, Emily, Megan H, Jenni, and Megan C. Probably talking too loud and too fast to each other as we browsed through American Eagle and Claire's. Maybe humming a few NSYNC songs too as we scoped for cute boys. It was the life! 

All of a sudden, Megan H. came flying towards us. She said there was this gothic girl walking around that we just HAD to see. Like most teenagers at the mall, we had nothing better to do. So, off we went searching for, "THE gothic girl of all gothic girls." After a few minutes, we spotted her on the other side of the catwalk in the mall, but Emily didn't see her, so we kept following her and tried to get a better view. Oh teenage girls.  

Finally, we lost sight of her and thought we had lost the chance to see her crazy hair and makeup. Then, as we rounded a corner on our way to grab a pretzel, we ran smack dab into THE gothic girl. Literally, us five bumped right into her mohawk. We all were so shocked to be standing in front of her, that we just stood there, mouths open and eyes wide. Apprently, she didn't like this, (who would?). So...are you ready for the embarrassing moment? Here it is:

In the middle of the entire mall on a busy Saturday, she hissed at us, and then let out a bloodcurdling scream! Everything in the mall stopped. It was pin-drop quiet as people just stopped in their tracks and tried to see what was going on. Emily and I, (in typical fashion), fell to the ground laughing hysterically and peed our pants, (again, typical), while both Megans and Jenni ran off and hid in different stores. We had to search through stores to find them all. I think Jenni was in GNC hiding behind the shelf of bodybuilding protein powders and the Megans were in Barnes & Noble pretending to read books. Then mall security had to come talk to us, as Emily and I tried to awkwardly cover up our pants. Good times.

There you have it. A little glimpse into the experiences that have shaped me into who I am today:-) 


Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i love her name total! and this whole series you've done is ace lades.

great share; now my socks are officially rockin' too! i think jenni got the best hiding spot of all, gnc, protein powder! better than a seinfeld episode i tell ya.

you know i still hum nsync songs, the boyf kind of turns the other way but i adore their feel good beats to no end. haha

pea ess: jamie, thank you so much sweetness, your comment was very kind. xo ♥

vanessa said...

oh. my. god, bon, hahaha!!! i heart you. ;]

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

you always have such a fun cute blog we all need to hang out more!!!!!! whats new with you 2?