Oregon Vacation

Remember the Simpsons where Patty and Thelma force Bart and Lisa to watch a slide show of their vacation? Well you've been warned... this is going to be very similar to that. Mark and I loved every second of our trip and took so many pictures that we just couldn't decide which ones to post. Not true, we've only posted a fraction of what we took, but I'm still very aware it's a picture overload. 

After landing in Portland we drove and drove and drove to a little town called Sisters with many stops along the way. We spent two nights there and I just wanted to bring home the smell of the pine trees with us!

Oregon is covered in lava rock... not super pretty but it's amazing to think what it must have looked like!

Proxy Falls

Clear Lake

Tamolich Pool

Random Pond on the Side of the Road

We stayed in this fun little cabin in Sisters called Five Pines Lodge. Little did we know about the surprise awaiting us in the bathroom. The bathtub filled up from water pouring out of the ceiling! We have a video, but I can't get it to load right now. It was hilarious, we were so surprised and I couldn't stop laughing!

After 2 nights in the mountains we drove the long and windy road to the coast. Two things I learned about driving in Oregon: 1. The roads are always windy twisty turny and therefore I'm always car sick. 2. The speed limit never goes over 55 mph (even on the freeway) and it takes several hours to go the distance it would take 1 hour in Utah.

Newport Aquarium

Little Creek Cove

The condo had an amazing view of the beach. We were the farthest tower on the right of the picture... you had to climb the "stairway to heaven" and I felt like we were in a treehouse looking over the beach. It was awesome!

Depoe Bay- Whale Watching Capitol

Depoe Bay was full of wonderful candy shops that make homemade salt water taffy, hole in the wall restaurants, and cute shops. We went on a whale watching tour and although the waves made me motion sick once again.... it was well worth it. We didn't get any great pictures of the whales (you couldn't let go of the rail for fear of rocking right off the boat, but we definitely saw them.

This is our trusty Giligan's Island boat. The waves coming out of the bay were monsters!

If you look close you can see a whale next to the boat. I was glad we were in a larger boat, I was scared the whale was going to tip that little raft over!

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Newport's Nye Beach is full of fun little restaurants. My favorite one we went to in Oregon was the Cafe Mundo. One of those let-your-inner-hippy-come-out-and-play kind of places. I couldn't stop taking pictures of it.... and the food was great!

The contraption you see in the bottom right picture is a pulley system they used to bring to food from downstairs to upstairs..... how cool is that! I want to own a restaurant like this.

Ok so maybe we took one too many pictures at the beach during sunset. But do you blame us? It was beautiful!

Keep in mind none of the below pictures were edited..... not one bit.

Drift Creek Falls

This suspension bridge crossed over a 80 ft. waterfall. It was shaky and so much fun!

Proposal Rock

I want to live in Neskowin which overlooks Proposal Rock. It wis the tiniest town right on the beach: one restaurant (incredible wood fired pizza), one convenience store, no sidewalks, and little cottages just lining the beach.

This little guy was not dead... but he sure didn't look well. I wanted to bring him home with us!

Behind us is Proposal Rock.

6 Days just wasn't enough. We had way too much fun and I can't wait to go back! Next time we decided we really want to get skim boards, but we didn't think about this until the last day at the beach. 

If you've made it this far congratulations on reading the worlds longest post with the most pictures. Google said I reached my 1 GB max for putting pictures on my blog and made me pay $5.00 to buy 20 GB for the year, what the heck Google? 


krystale said...

okay one of those beach pics reminds me of where the wild things are. and who took those pics? the ones of you and mark? I'm always afraid to give my camera to strangers for fear they will steal it.

Shantay said...

how fun!!! great picture taking! sorry we are playing phone tag. Call me!

Mark and Jamie Walker said...

Krystale we just took a tripod because I get really scared of that too!

Shantay this is the longest game of tag ever!

Giselle and Noah Rasheta said...

Wow, those are SO beautiful. You have certainly gotten to know your camera well, and quickly! Good job. Looks like an amazing trip...

Fernstrom Family said...

Jamie!! I loved loved loved your pictures of my beautiful home!!! It made me want to get out of rexy and go home!! :) I am glad to hear that you loved it! P.S. you can go 65 on the interstate.... :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. the above comment is me...Kelsi...I am not sure why it says Fernstrom family...hahaha

Sherylen said...

Wow Jamie! It looks like your relationship with your new camera is coming along great. Glad that you decided to go on another date with it and keep working on the relationship! I can't wait for you to take pictures of my family!

-Mallori said...


(the caps + periods was to emphasize how breathtaking I thought your photos were!)

samnhal said...

YAY!! I'm SO excited that you went to Neskowin. It's my favorite place on earth, and unless you're from oregon you've never heard of it. We go there almost ever year, since I was a little kid. I grew up in Oregon, but I've never been to Sisters. I'm dying to go to Newport Beach!