A Timeline of Graceful Embarrassing Moments in Jamie's LIfe 

3 yrs. old- For show and tell at preschool I told the class my Mom liked to eat glue when she was a kid.

4 yrs. old- After learning about the harmful effects of smoking at preschool, I told the lady purchasing cigarettes at the grocery store that they would kill her. Not so embarrassing for me, I was just sharing what I learned at preschool, but for my Mom.

5 yrs. old- While my Mom chatted with our new neighbor for the first time, she noticed I was bored and handed me some paper and markers. Again I noticed she liked to smoke and it was up to me to inform her of the breaking news I had learned at preschool. I drew a no-smoking sign and handed it to her. Sorry Mom. 

6 yrs. old- I was in love with my ankle-length nightgown that had scotty dogs all over it. Being a fashion savvy first grader I decided I could pull this off as a shirt for school. I tucked it into my jeans and walked proudly out the door looking like I had stuffed an inner tube into my pants. All the kids kept asking why I was wearing pajamas to school. I just kept reassuring them it was a shirt. 

7-12 yrs. old- A few years pass where I'm still young enough that it's cute when I do embarrassing things. 

13 yrs old- My drawstring wind pants came undone and fell to the floor as I was standing in the food court of Provo Mall. 

14-17 yrs old- These are my know-it-all years where I'm sure I achieved countless embarrassing moments but was to proud to know how foolish I was being. 

18 yrs old- Feeling very cool about my first day of college, I wanted to make sure not to come off as the inexperienced freshman. When I stood up to introduce myself to the first class, I leaned on the desk wrong knocking it and all my books over onto the floor. Very cool. 

20 yrs old- In a crowded hallway of the MC at BYUI I was bumped into very hard. Thinking it was one of my friends I yelled "who keeps running into me!" As I turned around I saw it was a blind guy. Just great. 

23- Our wedding dinner was full of several embarrassing stories. Nothing tops Shantay's or Lizi's. I'm not going to share them, but if you were there you know what I mean!

There have been countless experiences similar to these, but this is probably the top 10 list.


Jacob said...

Oh i can share the hidden ones.