Losing weight is a very common New Year's Resolution, and one that many people do not achieve, which is why I did not set that as a goal for the year. During January the bikes are spinning, the treadmills are running, and the weights are pumping like crazy! But come February the cookies are baking again and the treats just keep coming. It's ok though because it's winter so as long as you wear a sweater no one will notice you haven't hit the gym in a while.... right? Well Mark and I decided to set some goals before this is us:

We are fairly active right now: hiking, tennis, longboarding, snowboarding, ice cream eating contests and so on. There once was a day when we were workout-aholics. That lifestyle seemed to agree with our pant size a little more. Starting tomorrow we vow to work out 5-6 days a week. I have one exception though, some days I get stuck at work till 8:00 or 9:00. When that happens I barely have enough energy left to intelligently place my order at the drive through window of Wendy's (sometimes I'm so tired I accidentally order a Spicy Chicken and Frosty instead of a salad), before crashing on the couch and falling asleep in seconds.

Mark's goal is a bit bigger than mine, but that's only fair because men loose weight so much easier than women. Another item to add to my list of why it is easier being a man than a woman. I'm not going to share specific numbers, but Mark's goal is to look good in a Speedo haha, and mine is not to have to buy new jeans because between me and you my favorite Lucky's from college are getting a tad tight. I try to convince myself that I bought them that way, but deep down I know it's not true.

"Congratulations Mr. Sims. You're the fattest boy in camp!" Heavyweights