1 Year in 60 Seconds or Less

This picture is all my roommates and best friends before we became adults! It's the only picture I found that included all of us. Who cares if Natalie's head is tiny, I'm grabbing Ash's thigh, and Kyrstale is eating Meli's hair. Plus we're in the kitchen eating treats which is what we do best!

With our one year anniversary coming up I have just been amazed at how fast time has gone bye! Two years ago if someone would have told me I would be living in St. George, married to Mark Walker, working in the administration of an amazing school, and 5 pounds heavier I would have laughed at them! I imagined I would be teaching art somewhere near Salt Lake, living with my girls, snowboarding my life away, and wondering whats up with that cute Walker boy I occasionally run into. I married my best friend, finished student teaching, graduated from college, bought my first car, got a "real job", opened a 401K (even if my little brother has more money in his space kid bank than the account), and learned how to make homemade bread all in the last year! I remember stressing so much about what I would do after I was graduated that I didn't want school to be over because I would have to join the real world with the big kids. Looking back I can't imagine it being any other way, but at the time I never expected everything would fall into place so easily. I guess that's when you know it's right!

To celebrate this Valentines/Anniversary we have decided on Disneyland for sure! I have never been and I'm so excited for Mark to show me all of his favorite places. He better be careful though, I do have a few secret celebrity crushes on Mickey Mouse, Prince Phillip, and Aladdin. Something about those pouffy pants and that magic carpet get me all twitter-pated every time.  


Mama Walker said...

Oh the happiest place YEAH I am so jealous. Ride Pirates once for me

Hollie said...

Don't worry about those crushes. Scott has one for Belle and his brother has one for Mary Poppins. You should see them getting their pictures taken :) I hope you have a blast at Disneyland, just wish you would have waited for us.... then again maybe you will want to go again!

Mark and Jamie Walker said...

Holly we will go with you too!