Thoughts From Washington

One of our biggest fears when we began the process of putting our house and cars up for sell, along with basically everything else, was that we would get going and end up hating traveling all the time. We tried really hard to think of all the things we might not like about it, and not get caught up in awesome travel blogs or pretty Instagram accounts. We talked through all the things that could go wrong, the parts that would be hard, my hate for driving long distances, etc..... in the end, the good far outweighed the bad. But there was still no way to know for sure without doing it though. So we took the biggest leap of faith ever, like as big as the Grand Canyon, prayed a lot, closed our eyes, and jumped. And it turns out, it's everything we imagined it would be! There are a lot of early mornings of working for me, unideal work spaces for Mark, loud kids, loading and unloading, long drives, and missing family. Oh and small spaces, let's not forget that. We generally try to book 3 bedroom homes, but this time we chose river-front over large home and ended up in a house with 2 bedrooms. Nolan has the master bedroom, and Mark, Beckett, and I are all sharing a bunk bed (the bottom is a queen)! It's hilarious. Not something I want to do all the time, but it's fun for now!  

I don't really have any decent pictures of our time in Washington so far. We seem to always be swimming, tubing, kayaking, or floating down the river, so all the pictures I do have are very foggy from my water proof phone case. I'd really love to get a waterproof casing for my DSLR, but I haven't done it yet! We've been on a few hikes, but I of course left my camera at home on the most gorgeous hike of the year: the Big Four Ice Caves. It's ok though, it just means we'll have to go again before we leave!