Life Outside

Why does it seem my kids and I are so much happier playing outside than in? When we're inside I'm constantly picking up toys and cleaning up messes. I find myself saying "no" and "stop doing that" a lot more than I'd like. Everyone's whining that they want a snack all the time. And it often seems that the easiest thing for entertainment is the TV. But outside..... outside you don't have to worry about making messes and following rules. You can throw things, and break things, and get dirty, and it's ok. There's unlimited space to run, wiggle and roll all around. There's always a new animal to watch, a bug to catch, or flowers to pick. The same backyard holds countless adventures. I just sit back and watch my kid's curiosity grow and their imaginations run wild. We eat lunch in the sun, and clean up only consists of shaking off the blanket. As long as the weather is nice, we really only use a house for sleeping, storing our stuff, and prepping our food. Other than that, everything is just better outside.