Sometimes I worry about what will happen when this adventure comes to an end. I don't know why or when.... but I'm sure that because of work or the boys starting school, we will settle down again. But what if we don't like normal life? What if we don't care to own a house ever again? What if staying in one place bores us to pieces? What if we don't want to follow the same recipe for life that everyone else does, but somehow we just get sucked back in? 

And then I realized that just like our house, cars, and jobs aren't what made us happy before, traveling isn't the thing that makes us happy now. It's the things that exist no matter where we are; things that can't be purchased and can't be taken away. It's the sound of my kids laughing and seeing them play together. It's the sun on our faces and playing in the sand. It's hiking mountains and splashing in rivers. These things don't cost money and they aren't hard to find. Learning to find true joy in simple things isn't hard to do, sometimes it just takes a little refocusing. If you think hard about what truly brings you the most happiness, you may be surprised to find how simple those things really are. 


Danette Gilley said...

I think this is ABSOLUTELY fabulous. I work with Mark and I am so happy for you and your family. No rules. I truly believe that is the source of so much discontent and unhappiness right now... trying to square a round peg. And perhaps you will want to settle down in one place again - but for now be present, absorb ALL of this, don't worry about that now. Stuff tends to work itself out. I will be following and cheering you on the whole way! Keep posting. :-)