2 Weeks In

Our time in Oregon is already half way over. I'm looking forward to our next spot, but I think we could stay here forever and it would never get old. The constant cool weather, days at the beach, amazing green forests.... I don't know what could top it. Here are a few random thoughts I've had so far:
  • I don't know how I'm going to afford to feed these boys when they are teenagers. I did a massive grocery shopping trip our first day here. I'm talking two carts full. I thought it would be almost enough food, besides produce, for the month. We've gone to the store every three or four days since because we keep running out of stuff! Apparently the beach makes us all starving. 
  • I've started waking up at 4:15 and teaching from 4:30-6:00 or 6:30. It's super early, but it's actually working really well! Some days I'm able to get another hour or so of sleep while Mark gets the kids breakfast. If he has to start working really early (some days 7:00 because of the time difference), then I can always fit in a nap while Nolan is napping. Mark often gets done working earlier here too (again, time difference) so we have the afternoons to go to the beach! 
  • Most of the people in Otter Rock are over 70, and 60% of the homes are vacation rentals. It's an incredibly quiet, peaceful little town. We've met a few people and everyone has been so friendly. 
  • Beckett has the oddest habit of just laying down for several minutes whenever he finds warm sand. He looks dead, and it always causes concerned looks from people passing by. See pictures below for examples. He even named one of the beaches by our house "Sand Layer Beach" because it has the warmest soft sand. He is a goof. 
  • This weekend we went to a Kite Festival, and hiked the Drift Creek Falls hike that Mark and I did together several years ago. I love how relaxed our weekdays are, but I really love the weekends because we can fit in so many fun things.