We found out today we officially have 4 weeks to sell everything, and be out of our house. Holy bananas. Luckily we found a vacation rental in Ogden we will be staying in for a few months before we're off to our first destination. We don't have super fancy furniture or expensive art on our walls, but we've worked hard and spent 8 years accumulating furniture, Christmas decoration, dishes, couches, etc..... To see it all going so quickly is causing a mixture of emotions. I'm mostly excited to live a very minimalist lifestyle. We all spend so much time fretting about our stuff. After I spent nearly every day of my Christmas break taking down Christmas decorations, putting up regular decorations, and cleaning out old toys to make room for the new toys, I was SO OVER all of our stuff. I do not enjoy spending my time cleaning, sorting, storing, and decorating everything. It's exhausting. Once we realized that selling everything was going to be much more efficient than storing it all, I looked around and thought about which things I would have a hard time parting with. It turns out, the only things I care about keeping that truly make me happy, are things we will need to come with us: my camera, our kayak, and our camping gear. I am more than happy to see my kitchen stuff, decorations, and furniture move onto new homes. I will be sad for a moment when Beckett's toys start going and I have to explain to him why, but once we are playing in the sand on the beach, I know he will forget all about his mountains of plastic toys. And I've promised him that his very favorite ones will come on the adventure with us. Each time we sell something,whether it costs $1.00 or $500.00, the money goes in the FFF jar (future furniture fund). I'm not sure how much we'll make selling everything, but it's going to be set aside to replenish the necessities when we're done. Since we buy almost everything used anyway, I honestly don't feel like we're going to lose very much money. We accumulate so much stuff, especially with kids, I'm really looking forward to having a clean slate!