Each time something is hauled away from my house, I feel so liberated. Items we thought we might hang on to at first, are quickly getting put into the goodbye pile. Each time I sell something, it becomes easier to let go of the next thing. Our main goal in doing this is to travel and do more than just work our lives away while counting down the days until we have a chance to get out of town for a weekend. But a definite plus is the freedom we'll have from all of our stuff, freedom from being tied down to a house to take care of and clean, and freedom from debt. Each time I sell another item I just want to run around the house yelling, "FREEDOM!" while throwing my bra into the fire place. Don't worry, nothing in that scenario has happened. 

I'm not one to usually post pictures of my messy house in the spirit of being "real" or whatever.... but this is too good not to document. My house looks like a tornado ripped through it. Pictures and decorations half way taken down, furniture missing, toys EVERYWHERE, and my garage......... oh, my garage. It is a sea of garbage bags, boxes, and clutter. My yard sale endeavor began with intentions to sort things as I cleaned, putting price tags on each item before I neatly stacked it into the garage. Nope, definitely isn't happening that way. It's just a chaotic sea of stuff that I'm hoping to swim through and somehow organize when it gets closer to the big sale. March is definitely not the ideal month for a yard sale, I'm praying for good weather.