No More Naps

142 snow cones consumed, 37 days spent at the pool, and just like that summer is quickly coming to an end. The days are still hot, but the mornings feel and smell a little bit like fall. We swam our hearts out, but we are a little waterlogged and ready for cooler weather. Beckett is already planning his Halloween costume, Mark is burning pumpkin candles, and I'm ready to begin hiking again now that we won't melt. Summer, you were so very good to us, but it's time to say goodbye. 

Summer is over, and so is another era.... a very peaceful and quiet era. Beckett is now 3 and pretty much done taking naps. I really thought he would be the type to nap until kindergarten, but I was wrong. I suppose he would still take naps if I wanted him to. He gets a little sleepy in the afternoon, and I have to be careful driving around 1 and 2 because he might fall asleep. The problem with letting him do so is he has buckets of energy to last him until 9 or 10 at night. I would much rather forgo a quiet afternoon so that he will go to bed at 7:00. I used to just dread the day that he was done napping, but it hasn't been hard like I thought it would. As he gets older, things get easier. It also helps us have more flexibility in our day because I don't feel like we need to make it home for nap time, but now we hardly go anywhere after Mark is done working because he has to go to bed so early.

I know it's early, but I've started looking into preschools for next year. Some places have a waiting list and while I'm not even sure if he will go to preschool at all, I don't want to miss out on a great place because I didn't get him on a list in time. In some ways I can't imagine my little guy actually going to school already, but I know he loves to learn and I think he would really enjoy it. Kids are such little sponges. Sticky, noisy, rambunctious sponges.