Cry it Out- Night 4

It's night 4 of sleep training, and as hard as it's been, I haven't had this good of sleep since before Nolan was born. It's gone a little like this:

Before sleep training: Waking 4-6 times a night and refusing to sleep unless being held, or swaddled in the rock n' play. As tempting as it was to just let him do those things, I couldn't. He will be rolling soon and swaddling won't be safe. And I feel like the rock n' play contributed to the flat spot on his head and I just didn't feel good about using it anymore. 

Night 1 of sleep training: 1 hour of crying before bed. He woke up 3 times, but ate and went immediately back to sleep unswaddled and his crib.

Night 2: 20 minutes of crying before bed. He only woke up twice to eat, and went back to sleep without a problem.

Night 3: 40 minutes of crying before bed. He only woke up once the entire night to eat and went right back to sleep. Once! I felt AMAZING when I woke up. 

Night 4: 15 minutes of crying before bed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he only wakes up once again tonight.

All I can do is stress eat while I wait for my baby to stop crying. It's completely nerve wracking, heart breaking, and the only thing I know to do is to break out the ice cream. Luckily the crying is becoming less and less because at this rate, I will gain 30 lbs by next week. I know that teaching my kids to sleep well is super important for them and me. It's hard for a few days, but very reassuring to see that he is improving immediately. And he doesn't wake up crying anymore. He coos and babbles in his crib until I come to get him. That tells me that he is happier when he sleeps well too.

And I just needed to include this picture of Beckett's wicked face plant. He was running a bit fast in his new shoes that are slightly too big and here are the results.