The Terrible Twos Aren't So Terrible

I read somewhere that the majority of parents say the first 3 months of having a baby are the hardest. We're approaching 3 months and I can definitely feel things getting easier. We're in somewhat of a rhythm, my body is functioning normally again, the nights are pretty good, and nursing is easy peasy now. It feels like Nolan has always been part of our family, and going about our usual things with 2 kids instead of 1 doesn't feel new anymore. I remember the first few weeks feeling exhausted by the time I loaded the diaper bag, carried everyone and everything to the car, and buckled up both carseats. Now having a mini workout just to get out the door is just the norm. 

The baby is the easy part right now, it's our almost 3 year old that is pushing my buttons. Ever since Nolan was born, Beckett rarely sleeps through the night anymore. He often ends up on the floor of our bedroom, or on really bad nights, in our bed. His persistence and stubbornness used to be funny and something we could get around with a distracting joke our two. Now.... sometimes he pushes me to my breaking point no matter how hard I pray at night to have more patience. Love and Logic tactics often work, and now I'm thinking it's time to read a few more books because I need some more tricks up my sleeve. Both sleeves. I've had numerous people tell me the "terrible twos" aren't bad at all, "just wait until he turns three and becomes a threenager", and I think they are right. Don't get me wrong, 95% of the time he is the best big brother and sweetest kid ever, it's just that other 5% I'm still learning how to handle. 

Here are a few pictures from our weekend hike on the Muller Park trail, and one picture of Beckett eating a snow cone the size of his head.