Crib Time

We go to this park a few times each week and have lunch. The baby ducks are a little bigger each time we visit, and Beckett loves to watch them. He asked me why the little ducks were with their mommy, but the big ducks were by themselves. I got all choked up explaining to him that when the little ducks were big, they would leave their mom and go out by themselves. I nearly had a breakdown on the park bench and I can't even blame it on pregnancy hormones. Are nursing hormones a thing? Because that must be what it was. 

This may not seem like a big deal to some, but my fellow moms-with-babies will understand. We had a huge breakthrough today. Nolan took all of his naps in his crib; no swing or rock n' play at all! I've had the hardest time not using the swing because it's hard to spend time in his room helping get him settled to sleep while Beckett runs amuck doing who knows what. Although I hate it, it's been much easier to let the swing do it for me. Fortunately, our swing has a stupid design with this big plastic handle at the top and Nolan's so big his head has started to hit it. He is 2 months old and has outgrown his swing! But I'm actually glad because it forced me to give his crib a try this morning, and it actually wasn't that bad! He has always slept in the rock n' play at night, but tonight I'm going to ditch that too. His head is pretty flat in the back and the doctor said that sleeping in his crib will help. 

Today I realized that with Beckett this is the week that I went back to work. I'm so grateful that I am going to be able to stay home all throughout the summer and not return to work until Nolan is almost 5 months old. Plus, this time it will be returning to part-time instead of full-time which is going to make things so much easier. I love having the chance to stay at home right now, but I do miss going to work. I've always said working part time is like having the best of both worlds. It feels very balanced to me, and seems to work well for our family.