Simple Days

Some days being a Mom chaotic, overwhelming, and rough. Some days I count down the seconds until bed time so that I can finally do the piled up dishes and laundry, even though all I want to do sit in the corner by myself with a carton of ice cream. But some days are perfect.... days like today. Nothing spectacular happened, we didn't get together with friends, we didn't go anywhere special, we just enjoyed the sun and our non-existent to-do list. 

We began the morning working out at the park. Planks and push-ups are considerably harder with a 30 lb. toddler on your back pulling on your braids while saying, "Oh cooool! Two!" We went swimming for a bit where Beckett was more than content to float around the lazy river for what seemed like hours. A surprise summer storm rolled in so we cuddled under our giant beach towel together and shared a sandwich while the clouds blew over. After nap time we went to two stores and Beckett stayed in the cart for the entire time at each, this is unheard of. I was in shock and shopping bliss. Later, we sat on the floor by the kitchen door and watched the rain fall onto the deck. We discussed rain, thunder, lightening, and the differences between motorcycle sounds and thunder. When the rain cleared up we went for a fairly long bike ride. The pavement was steaming from the quick splash of rain it had received in the summer heat. We rode longboards in the driveway and played soccer in the grass until Mark came home from work. Bedtime was postponed for an exciting game of chase around the house. When my two boys are home and we're playing together, my world is complete and nothing else seems to matter. 

We can't always spend that much time together or have that much fun, but it's days like today that keep me going through the rough days. It's days like today that I want to remember every detail of, and replay over and over when I'm older. I won't remember how my little house needs some fixing up, or that the breakfast dishes were still in the sink, or that I didn't look like a super model in my swimming suit. I will remember how Beckett gave me a kiss on the cheek, how he says "two, go!" before he kicks the ball, and the sweet smile on his face when he sees his dad when he gets home. Although days like this seem simple, they are the ones filled with the details to be cherished forever.