Sassy Pants

One thing I love about where we live is how many great parks are close by. It's been an extremely warm winter, but it's still typical of Utah weather to be sledding one week and playing tennis in a t-shirt the next. It's starting to be so much fun to take Beckett to try new things because he is so excited, intense, and enthusiastic about everything. Especially bowling..... he was having a serious freak out waiting for his turn. Mark and I used to play a lot of tennis before we had Beckett, and it was so much fun to be able to play again while he ran around the other court..... we are definitely rusty though. I took the picture of Beckett sitting on the curb in front of our house because almost every time we go out, he walks down the street, backs up until his heels hit the curb, sits down, and then starts stomping his little legs and beaming proudly as he crushes the leaves in the gutter. 

The more independent he becomes, the more sassy he becomes. Today involved several melt downs including, but not limited to: Crying because he wanted the grocery cart in the middle of the stacked row of carts and I took the one from the end. Complete melt down because the friends that we went to the park with took their ball home with them instead of giving it to him. Scream fit because he couldn't hold all of the trains in his arms at once, he even had one under his chin. And the worst one was when it was time to leave the toy isle at Target. I know that crying is his only way of communicating that he doesn't like something right now, but man I am excited for when he can use his words instead! These pictures from "Reasons My Kid is Crying" are hilarious and suddenly have an all new meaning.