Conference Weekend

I'm totally kicking myself for not taking my big camera with us hiking at Snow Basin this weekend. The problem is it's just that: big. I only take it with us when I'm feeling in the mood to pack it around, and this weekend I was regretting my laziness big time. The leaves are bright and gorgeous right now, my phone just doesn't do them justice. 

On another note. I'm starting to notice how my cleanliness and overall standard of appearance is quickly going downhill the older and messier Beckett gets. You know you're a mom when you are about to leave the house and notice there is food (possibly poop?) on your shirt. You grab a jacket real fast to cover it up, only to find that there is a small little jelly hand print on that too. That's not even the sign of being a mom though. It's when you don't even care and leave the house anyway.