California Part II

My favorite pictures from our trip are in the first post (here). You just can't take a bad picture at sunset on the beach. We spent most of our time body boarding, skim boarding, attempting to surf, and playing in the sand, but we did do a few other things: A 2 hour whale watching boat ride where we didn't see any whales, but had fun anyway. Our traditional dinner at Ruby's Diner. The food isn't too great, but it's the walk down the pier that is the best part. Mark and I went on a date one night after Beckett was in bed. We had dinner outside at a cute little italian restaurant, followed by gelato and a movie. We don't go out on our own too much anymore so it was fun to have an evening to ourselves.  We also did a little shopping, and of course lots of good food was devoured. I usually worry about how much weight I'm gaining on vacation, but not this time. Playing in the ocean for several hours every day is a great work out. I think every muscle in my body was sore, not to mention the calories burned just by keeping your body warm. The best part was not having many worries or places to be for the week, and watching Beckett get to spend time with everyone.