Day One of Weaning: Fail

I'm going to squish a few random thoughts into this one post. It seems like the beginning of summer was so easy going, now I'm realizing I go back to work in two short weeks and I'm so busy trying to fit everything in! 

Before our trip to the Shakespearian Festival, we took a mini trip to Payson for the Scottish Festival. It's our favorite one every year and we spend both days there. It was where I bought Beckett's kilt while I was pregnant last year. Mark placed third which is awesome. Beckett learned to play the flute, and I ate a ridiculous amount of frozen lemonade. 

Sometimes when I come home from grocery shopping, I can't find an item or two that I am certain I put in my cart. It's always the frustrating mystery that I just chalk up to nearing old age. Today at the grocery store I caught Beckett twice leaning back very nonchalantly and throwing a package of candy and a tooth brush out of the cart. Little devil. I think it's safe to assume that's what happened to the previous missing groceries. 

Today was day one of weaning. Beckett hated goat's milk and hated almond milk. After crying and screaming (him, not me) I finally just nursed him. What am I going to do if he can't have dairy and doesn't like any other kinds of milk? I will keep trying, but I go back to work soon and I do not want to be pumping. I was hoping I would just be nursing only morning and night by then. Ugh. 

After being told for the fiftieth time how wonderful Sophie the Giraffe is for teething babies, I finally decided that maybe the money was worth it and bought one. My kid doesn't give a crap about Sophie.