Baby Tan Lines and First Words

Oh my goodness the little farmer's tan is killing me. We've spent a lot more time swimming this year than I thought I would with a baby! I think it's time we both go swimming suit shopping since that's all we seem to be wearing lately. It's just been so disgustingly hot that there isn't really anything else to do. We can go hiking or for a bike ride early in the morning, but lately Beckett has been sleeping in much later. We have found the holy grail of baby sleep: 12 hours a night! 7:30-7:30 and two 1-2 hour naps. I am in heaven. It must be because we are playing so hard! 

Beckett said his first word!!! Over the 4th of July weekend he started saying "dog" at both grandma's houses. He began saying "dad" (dadadadadada) a few weeks ago, but he doesn't associate it with Mark. Whenever he sees a dog, he says "dah dah dah". It melts my heart and makes me miss Murphy so much.