11 Month Summary

These glasses stayed on just long enough to get a picture and then they became a chew toy. 

Beckett will be 11 months old in two days! Not too much has changed in the sleeping and scheduling department in the last month, and TONS has changed in the development department. 

Wake Time
2.5-3 hours before his first nap, and 3 hours before his second nap. As long as he goes down for his first nap between 9:00 and 10:00, then we stay on track for the rest of the day.  

Nap Time
2 naps a day. The first one is 60-90 minutes and the second is usually 90-120 minutes. 

Sleeping at Night
This is one area that has improved greatly in the last month! Most nights he wakes up only once to eat. And...... drum roll please....... he has been sleeping 11.5-12 hours! 7:30 to at least 7:00. It is glorious. I don't feel like I have to be in bed at 9:00, and sleeping past 7 feels like sleeping in to me! 

I already wrote a long post about Beckett's favorite foods recently. Let's just say that this kid loves food, especially popsicles. 

Still only two bottom teeth, but he woke up with a crazy fever this morning and has seemed a bit grumpy. I think the top teeth are on their way in! I caved and bought Sophie the Giraffe. It doesn't matter how expensive she is, if it helps him not hurt then it's worth it. 

Nursing and Weaning
4 times a day and once in the night. My plan all along has been to stop nursing at year. This will be right when I go back to work which would be perfect because the pump and I are done being friends. The problem is I still can't have dairy, which I'm assuming means Beckett can't have dairy (or soy). I have heard that there are not enough calories in coconut or almond milk and if I decide to give him that instead of cow's milk then I have to mix formula in with it. We have made it this far, I'm not about to start buying formula now. I think that goat's milk may be a good option that will be high in calories and hopefully not bother his stomach. I need to research a little bit more still, but in a week I'm going to start replacing one of the times I usually nurse him with milk and see how it goes.  

Pulling up and walking along everything! He loves pushing stuff while he walks, and not just is walker. He pushes his tricycle, the high chair, barstools, and the hamper. He waves, drinks out of a straw like a champ, and says "dog". Trying to teach him to clap or do sign language makes him super mad, and he still doesn't understanding tipping the sippy cup so we have now gone to cups with straws. 

Thursday mornings because the garbage truck comes, dogs, Dad's motorcycle, 4-wheeler rides, longboard rides, swimming, blowing bubbles in the bath tub water, playing with the hose, popsicles, unspooling toilet paper, opening cupboards, and swinging at the park. 

7:00/7:30 Wake up and nurse
10:00 Nap time
11:00/11:30 Wake up and nurse
2:00 Nap
3:30/4:00 Wake up and nurse
7:30 Nurse and bed time