Our Summer is Just Around the Corner

We made it! Yesterday was the last day of school. I can't believe I just finished my fourth year there. I feel like my school is my second family and I love it there, but I always look forward to summer! I still work for one more week, and then it's summer break! I'm not sure what I'm more excited about: being done with work or being done with pumping. Pumping hasn't been near the hassle I first thought it would be, but now that I know I'm almost done, I'm just ready to throw the thing out the window! Beckett's down to nursing in the morning and right before bed with two bottles during the day. By the time I go back to work in August, I plan to only be nursing him in the morning and before bed. 

After our walk to the park tonight, we were hanging out in the yard when a heavenly shaved ice truck drove through the neighborhood. It was Beckett's bed time and I'm quite the stickler about bed time, but I will always bend the rules for a snow cone! By his grunts and yells when I wasn't shoveling it in his mouth fast enough, I would say he definitely loved it.